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Video Feature on Opraha Miles ’14

Opraha Miles ’14 is an intended neuroscience and behavior major from Jamaica who sings, dances in the ISIS women of color dance troupe, is a member of the West Indian Student Association (WISA), student manager at Usdan University Center and is a dedicated YouTube enthusiast. Learn more about Opraha in this video below:

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Singer/Dancer Gianya Breland ’14 Pursuing Path in Psychology

Gianya Breland '14 sings, dances and plays piano.

Q: Gianya, what is your class year and major?

A: I am class of 2014 and I am most likely majoring in psychology.

Q: What is your favorite class this semester?

A: My favorite class this semester is social psychology because of the professor, Scott Plous. And of course, as a psychology major, I love anything psych related. Professor Plous uses examples that we deal with in everyday life to help us understand different studies that were done in the ’50s and ’60s. One specific example that he used was advertisements in magazines to demonstrate a concept called “the Pygmalion effect,” which is similar to a placebo, in that in causes us to believe certain things based on given information, even if that information is false. He used an advertisement for a shampoo that was celebrity endorsed: The Pygmalion effect is working here because many people, even if in the back of their minds, believe that if they use this shampoo they will attain the status that this celebrity has, whether the celeb uses that product or not.

Q: During the summer, you worked as a teaching assistant at the Goddard School in Burlington, N.J. How did you find this opportunity?

A: I worked at the school as an unpaid intern during the spring of my senior year of high school, and this summer, they offered me a position as a teaching assistant. I had the opportunity to mingle with the children and teach them new things. The children were 3-5 years old.

Q: Would you like to work with children in the future? What are your post-Wesleyan plans?

A: I definitely want to work with children in the future, but that is not a guarantee. My post-Wesleyan plans

Playwright Will Dubbs ’14 Makes An Off-Broadway Debut

Will Dubbs ’14 arrived at Wesleyan from Manhattan in September as part of the frosh class. Next month he’ll return to New York as an off-Broadway playwright.

Manhattan Repertory Theater has selected Dubbs’ first and only play, “Dead Sharks,” for production as part of its Winterfest 2011 festival of original theatrical works. The first of three scheduled “Dead Sharks” performances at the Rep’s 42nd Street theater is Jan. 29.

Dubbs, who is a minute older than his twin sister, Katie, a student at Princeton, wrote the one-act “Dead Sharks” for an all-freshman

Kurban ’14 Helps Children Obtain Clean Drinking Water in Developing Countries

Carina Kurban ’14 sells stainless steel water bottles for $15-$20 apiece through her organization 1for3.org. She donates 100 percent of the proceeds to help developing countries gain access to clean drinking water.

In the remote village of Gitwe, Rwanda, 6-year-old children ascend mountains, or make the journey by foot along dusty roads – more than 3.5 miles each way – to fetch water for their families. They fill plastic motor oil jugs or any other container they can find. Barefoot and often in intense heat, they lug the 40-pound containers of water back home.

“The bins that the children carry are just as big as they are,” says Carina Kurban ’14, who witnessed the daily procession of thirsty children during a fact-finding missionary trip in August 2010. “And many of the children can’t go to school because they need to make multiple trips a day just to get water.”

Kurban, who spent her week abroad collecting data from water sources and villagers who clean water would benefit (see video below), is the co-founder of 1for3.org, an organization dedicated to providing access to clean water in developing countries. Selling stainless steel water bottles in the United States helps thousands around the world.

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“It’s simple. When someone buys one of our bottles, they are not only helping the environment locally by cutting back on plastics, they are simultaneously saving three lives overseas,”

Arrival Day, 2010, Brings the Class of 2014 to Campus

Nearly 800 new students moved to campus and joined the Wesleyan Community during the last few days.

International Student Orientation: The events began with International Student Orientation on August 29.

Frosh Arrival Day 2010: Enjoy a series of videos and still photos of the September 1 Arrival Day. There’s also a Wesleyan Connection story detailing some of the activity on arrival day.

Check back with this link as more will be added soon!

Frosh, Transfers Join the Wesleyan Community on Arrival Day 2010

More than 100 Wesleyan student-athletes lent a helping hand as the class of 2014 arrived on campus to move into their new abodes for the academic year. Members of Wesleyan’s football, soccer, field hockey, vol­leyball and cross country teams got involved in the activity. They were joined by Wesleyan staff and faculty who also volunteered their time – and backs – to help students move in Sept. 1.

Nathan Repasz ’14 of Erie, Pa. arrived on Wesleyan’s campus Sept. 1 in a Jeep loaded with the all the necessities for the year.

“He brought all 40 of his t-shirts … and a trillion socks. He probably just doesn’t want to do any laundry,” jokes Nathan’s mother, Lenore Skomal. “It’s a good thing that he only brought a third of his instruments. Just three drums, a pan flute and harmonica. He left behind the guitar and Egyptian oud.”

Nathan, an aspiring music and environmental science major, joined more than 750 new and transfer students who moved into their campus residencies on Student Arrival Day 2010. They are joined on campus by approximately 70 international students who moved in prior to Arrival Day as part of International Student Orientation. (View a video of Nathan Repasz here.)

Nathan moved into West College with help from his parents and step parents. Within an hour he was settled with his bed made, clothes put away, and a misted bonsai juniper settled near the window.

“Now it’s time to decorate,” he says. “This place needs some posters.”

At left, Jessup Smith '14 and Joe Ringoen ’14 get settled in their student residence Sept. 1.

In Clark Hall, Jessup Smith ’14 of Cincinnati, Ohio and Joe Ringoen ’14 of San Francisco, Calif. were completely moved in just 40 minutes after arriving. In addition to their families lending a helping hand, volunteer staff and faculty from the Wes-HAUL team, and more than 100 student-athletes assisted the campus-newcomers by carrying in student belongings. The roommates also had help from their R.A.

“I thought we’d get here and have to wait in long lines for a couple hours,” Ringoen says. “I didn’t know we’d have this help. It was awesome.”

Oladoyin Oladapo ’14 and her parents, Sherifat and Matthew, drove in from Brooklyn, N.Y. parking under the shade of pine trees on Lawn Avenue. They were ready to move Oladoyin and her belongings into the Butterfields.

Oladoyin Oladapo '14 moved in with help from her parents, Sherifat and Matthew.

Oladoyin is clear on her academic path: She’s planning to major in government, gaining a solid background for law school, including pursuit of Wesleyan’s Certificate in International Relations. She chose Wesleyan because, “It is academically rigorous, with lots of opportunities for internships and study abroad programs.”

Aidan Daniell, a lacrosse player from Hopkinton, N.H., and his father, Christopher, were unpacking Aidan’s belongings in his double in the Butterfield College complex. Shannon Welch, a field hockey player from Washington D.C. was one of the athletes helping carry the baskets of belongings up the stairs. The Daniells were awaiting Aidan’s mother, who was driving down separately, “With more things?”

“No,” says Aidan. “I don’t think I could fit anything more in here.”

He’s considering a major in government, with the possibility of law in his future. The lacrosse team and coach were a strong draw for him. “I really like the coach and I knew some of the guys who play on the team,” he said.

Third from left, Rebecca Koppel ’14 and her roomate, fourth from left, Leah Khambata ’14 recruited their parents to help unloaded their belongings into their new room.

In the Fauver Residence Hall, Leah Khambata ’14 from Mumbai, India and her roommate Rebecca Koppel ’14 from San Diego, Calif. unloaded their belongings into their new room with the help of their families.  The Khambatas arrived in Middletown on Sunday and stayed at the Inn in Middletown a few blocks away from campus, getting to know the area a bit before move-in day. Rebecca’s family flew in Sunday as well but spent two days on a camping trip before coming to campus.

While Rebecca is undecided about exactly what she will study, Leah has enrolled with a major already firmly in mind.

“Film studies,” she says. “Definitely.”

As they carried their things to their rooms, they passed other new members of the Class of 2014, all in various stages of unpacking, making introductions and getting organized for the beginning of the next four years of their lives. View a video of Rebecca Koppel here.

View more images and videos of ARRIVAL DAY 2010 HERE and Wesleyan’s Flickr site here.

Watch President Michael Roth’s Arrival Day remarks here.

(Article co-authored by Cynthia Rockwell, Olivia Drake and David Pesci)

Wesleyan Welcomes 70 International Students

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Seventy international students, including 11 Freeman Scholars, arrived on campus during the last week of August for International Student Orientation (ISO) for the Class of 2014.

A combination of information sessions, introductions and celebrations, ISO was held from Aug. 29-31, and allowed international students the opportunity to get acclimated with Wesleyan and its surroundings before they joined their fellow members of the Class of 2014 for New Student Orientation on Sept. 1.

The program is designed provide a comprehensive introduction to Wesleyan and help international students begin to build a foundation for their academic and co-curricular success. New students, including international, visiting, exchange, and transfer students, are introduced to the rigorous academic experience that awaits them through meetings with their faculty advisor as well as faculty lectures, discussions and skill-building workshops.

ISO also provided sessions that addressed health and medical insurance issues, cultural adaptation, weather adjustment, and liberal arts education. Addition informational sessions were provided about U.S. systems that many international students are not familiar with, or that are very different from those in their home countries.

The program was capped off with an honorary dinner for the students and their faculty advisors. More than 100 people attended the meal, which concluded with skits and group photos:

A Pictorial Look at Arrival Day 2010

The Class of 2014 moved in on Arrival Day 2010 Sept. 1. Below are videos and photos of the event:

Wesleyan University Arrival Day highlights:
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Rebecca Koppel ’14:
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Nathan Repasz ’14:
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Catherine Morita ’14:
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Isabelle Rode ’14:
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An excerpt from the “Address to Families” by Wesleyan President Michael Roth is online here.

(Photos by Olivia Drake and Cora Lautze ’11)

Read a Wesleyan Connection story about Arrival Day here.
Check out photos and video of International Student Orientation here.

Nationwide Summer Sendoffs Welcome New Students, Families

Join members of the Class of 2014, new transfer students, and their families for a casual summer social as they prepare to head to campus.

“The Summer Sendoffs are an opportunity to meet others new to Wesleyan, as well as some current students and their families, alumni and friends of Wesleyan,” says Dana Coffin, assistant director of parent programs.

All Sendoffs are hosted by Wesleyan alumni or parents. Sendoffs begin June 27. They will be held in New York, N.Y., Atlanta, Ga., Boulder, Colo., Cary, N.C., Chappaqua, N.Y., Chicago, Ill., East Hampton, N.Y., Houston, Texas, Los Angeles, Calif., Memphis, Tenn., Newton, Mass., Philadelphia, Pa., San Francisco, Calif., Seattle, Wash. and Washington D.C. The complete schedule is online here.

For more information on Summer Sendoffs, e-mail sendoffs@wesleyan.edu or call 860-685-3756.

LeFevre ’14 Organizes Sneaker Drive to Help Environment

Wesleyan pre-frosh Manon LeFevre ’14, a senior at Cromwell High School, organized a drive with the Parks and Recreation Department to collect old sneakers. The collection drive, which is sponsored by the high school‘s Environmental Club, took advantage of a “Reuse-A-Shoe” program developed by Nike.

According to a May 22 Middletown Press article, the collected shoes are being taken to Middletown where they are being “pulped” — ground up to make a safe, environmentally friendly ground cover for playscape areas and other related sites.

“I’m really grateful to everyone who helped, and I hope some steps forward to keep it going next year,” she says in the article. “Maybe it would be possible for me to do it at Wesleyan …”