Hsu, Starr Authors in Academy of Sciences

Chia Wei “Wade” Hsu ’10 and Francis Starr, are co-authors of “Hierarchies of networked phases induced by multiple liquid-liquid critical points,” published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 105, 13711-13715. Hsu and Starr showed that by attaching specific single strands of DNA to nano-sized particles to create customizable “nano-atoms,” they could generate new materials with phase diagrams never previously seen in nature. Their work is based on a massive set of computations on the new university computer cluster. Fred Ellis, professor of physics, is Hsu’s faculty advisor.

Shapiro Translates 600 Poems in New Book

Norman Shapiro, professor of romance languages and literatures, is the editor and translator of French Women Poets of Nine Centuries published by Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, 2008. The 1,182 page book features more than 600 poems from 56 different authors. Shapiro provides a window into the development and evolution of French poetry from the Middle Ages to the present.