Rutland: Obama Admin. Showing Russia Nothing New

In a piece for The Moscow Times, Peter Rutland, Colin and Nancy Campbell Professor in Global Issues and Democratic Thought, professor of government, points out that the initial treatment of Russia by the Obama Administration has begun with clumsy missteps and a perspective toward U.S.-Russian relations that offers nothing new compared to what Russia has seen from previous U.S. administrations.

Grabel on Lift of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Ban

Laura Grabel, the Lauren B. Dachs Professor of Science and Society, professor of biology, discussed the implications as President Barack Obama is poised to lift the ban on research using human embryonic stem cells. Grabel is a renowned stem cell researcher and co-director of of the University of Connecticut Human Embryonic Stem Cell Core Facility, part of a $100 million human stem cell research initiative created by the State of Connecticut in 2006.

McCann: Artistic Inspiration in Economic Crisis

Sean McCann, professor or English, director, Center for Career Development, has an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal discussing the artistic bounty generated during the Great Depression in literature and film that hinged on issues of class differences and thwarted social mobility. McCann wonders if the current economic conditions will yield a similar outpouring from authors and film-makers.

Grossman On a Turning Point in Economic History

In a Reuters article, Richard Grossman, chair and professor of economics, discusses at length the declaration of bankruptcy of the 150 year-old Lehman Brothers Holding Inc., and why that event marked a major turning point in American economic history.