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Greenwood: Lunar Water May Have Come from Comets

CBS News, and National Geographic among others, report on a presentation by James Greenwood, research associate professor, visiting assistant professor, earth and environmental sciences, at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in Texas where he outlined two stunning scenarios: 1) Water is present in the moon rocks that were collected by the Apollo astronauts; 2) The water did not come from the earth; it may, in fact, have come from comets. Greenwood’s research, using a new technique he pioneered, yielded both bits of information. His study is currently under review by Science. Greenwood’s findings have also been reported in Discover Magazine, The Houston Press New Scientist, Fox News and MSNBC via Space.com, and AOL News,

Milroy on Philadelphia’s Rockland Mansion

In a recent issue of The Philadelphia Inquirer, Elizabeth Milroy, interim co-chair and professor of art and art history, professor of American studies, commented on Fairmount Park’s Rockland Mansion, a historic, but until recently little-noticed, landmark in the city. Milroy will be presenting a talk at the Rockland Mansion on March 13 (for more information call 215-235-2345).

Murphy ’10 Featured on “Morning Edition”

Andrew C. Murphy ’10 was featured in a report on NPR’s “Morning Edition” that examined the work of his mother, pediatric neurologist, Frances Jensen. Jensen, who is on the staff at Children’s Hospital in Boston and Harvard University, began to investigate teen aged behavior when her son, Andrew seemed to become a completely different person as he entered his teen years. Her findings have contributed to the new understanding about the function and formation of teen brains.

Daniel Long on the Earthquake in Chile

Daniel Long, assistant professor of sociology, spoke to Channel 8 about the earthquake in Chile and his family in the country. Long said that while the loss of life and damage is substantial, the country has dramatically improved its preparedness and infrastructure for such an event since a large quake struck the South American nation in 1960.

Pomper on His New Book: ‘Lenin’s Brother’

Philip Pomper, William Armstrong Professor of History, is interviewed by The History News Network regarding his new book, Lenin’s Brother. Pomper discusses the process of researching and writing the book, as well as the prominence and historical significance of Lenin’s older brother Alexander Ulyanov, also known as ‘Sasha.’

Rutland: Obama’s ‘Reset’ with Russia Failing

In a recent opinion piece for The Moscow Times, Peter Rutland, professor of government, Colin and Nancy Campbell Professor in Global Issues and Democratic Thought, says that, despite a good start, the much publicized “reset” with Russia enacted by The Obama Administration has ground to a halt. Rutland discusses the reasons for this, including some miscalculations and questions as to what kind of relationship Russia wants to have with the U.S.

Yohe on Costs of Polar Ice Melt, Global Warming

Gary Yohe, Woodhouse/Sysco Professor of Economics and a senior member if the U.N.’s IPCC panel, discusses the economic implications of polar ice melt with ABC’s Bill Blakemore ’65. Some estimates have the costs of polar ice melts and ensuing rising seas at $2.4 trillion over the next few decades. Yohe says that there have been more than 300 studies on the dollar costs of global warming with varying outcomes projected. Yohe points out more than 88% of the studies show negative implications and heightened dollar costs over the long term.

RecycleMania Wants Your Plastic (Among Other Things)

Wesleyan is participating in the Benchmark Division of RecycleMania in 2010.

Wesleyan is participating in the Benchmark Division of RecycleMania in 2010.

For the fifth year in a row, Wesleyan students, faculty and staff are becoming “recycle maniacs.”

RecycleMania, a national recycling and waste minimization competition for universities and colleges, began Jan. 17. For 10 weeks, Wesleyan will record the volume of paper, cardboard and glass/metals/plastics collected from most academic, administrative, on-campus student dormitory facilities and the Usdan University Center. Wesleyan also will record the amount of garbage.

This year, all plastic items identified as numbers 1 through 7 can be recycled in Wesleyan’s “glass/metal/plastic” recycle containers.

“In the past we have only been able to recycle No 1 and No. 2,” says Jeff Miller, associate director for facilities management and member of the Recycling and Waste Committee, a subcommittee of Wesleyan’s Sustainable Advisory Group for Environmental Stewardship. “This may increase our recycling efforts significantly.”

Weekly measurements will be taken

Basinger on Kathryn Bigelow and The Oscars

Chair and Corwin Fuller Professor of Film Studies Jeanine Basinger comments in The Philadelphia Inquirer about “Hurt Locker” director Kathryn Bigelow, who received a Directors Guild of America award for her work on the film, and who has been nominated for an Oscar. Basinger not only discusses how rare it is for a woman to be nominated in this category, but how the director’s job has become a decidedly male domain since sound was added to motion pictures.