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Grossman Presents Great Depression Economics Paper in London

Richard Grossman, professor of economics, presented a paper, co-authored with Chris Meissner (University of California at Davis), titled, “International Aspects of the Great Depression,” at a conference on Lessons from the 1930s Great Depression for the Making of Economic Policy, hosted by the British Academy in London on April 16-17.  Grossman also served as a discussant for a paper on “The Political Lessons of Depression-Era Banking Reform.” Conference papers are available online.

Grossman Speaks on Recession to Fox Business Radio

Richard Grossman, chair of the Economics Department and professor of economics,  appeared on Fox Business Radio on May 22, 2009. In the news segment, Grossman speaks on the historical recession and offers his views on how the country got to this point, how we will emerge from the problem and where are the opportunities.

Grossman Quoted in Dow Jones Newswire

Richard Grossman, chair and professor of economics, was quoted in “Narrow Spreads Strangling Triple-A Appeal,” by Steven D. Jones, Dow Jones Newswire “In the Money” column, March 19, 2009.

Grossman also gave radio interviews on the Treasury rescue plan on March 23 to WFLA (Tampa, FL),  KFAQ (Tulsa, OK), KVI (Seattle, WA), KTRH (Houston, TX), and KOGO San Diego, CA.

Grossman On Economic Turning Points, Stress Tests

Richard Grossman, chair and professor of economics, was quoted in an article titled “The Turning Point” about the Lehman failure at Thedeal.com (carried by Reuters).

In addition, Grossman gave interviews on banking system “stress tests” and the prospects for government ownership on WOOD (Grand Rapids, Mich.), WJNO (West Palm Beach, Fla.), WHAS (Louisville, Ky.), WFLA (Tampa, Fla.), XM Satellite Radio, KOGO (San Diego, Calif.), WILM (Wilmington, De.), WSYR (Syracuse, N.Y.), KVI (Seattle, Wash.), and WGST (Atlanta, Ga.).

Grossman Speaks on Recession to Radio Stations

Richard Grossman, professor and chair of economics, was interviewed on the National Bureau of Economic Research’s determination that the United States has been in recession since by KFAB in Omaha, Neb.; WXNT in Indianapolis, Ind., and most recently by KTRH in Houston, Texas on Dec. 2.

Grossman also spoke on the recent financial crisis to the Rotary Club of East Hampton, Conn. on Dec. 3.

Grossman Speaks On Health Care Practice Evolution

Richard Grossman, professor and chair of economics, chaired a session at the Economic History Association annual meetings in New Haven, Conn. on “The Evolution of Health Care Practices and Institutions.” The session was held in honor of Stan Lebergott, the Chester D. Hubbard Professor of Economics and Social Sciences, emeritus.