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Film by Hutton ’09 Gaining Notice at Festivals

Crude Independence, a documentary film directed and scored by Noah Hutton ’09 and edited by Hutton and Alex Footman ’09, has been featured at a number of flim festivals during the last few months, including the presitigious South By Southwest in March. Hutton is profiled in The Hartford Courant. A free screening of Crude Independence for the campus community was held at the CFA Cinema on Friday, April 3.

Cutler: Choice Means Ability to Change Unions Too

In an opinion piece in The Hartford Courant, Jonathan Cutler, associate professor of sociology, associate professor American studies, comments on the proposal by the Obama Administration to eliminate secret ballot union elections. While Cutler admits this may expose some employees to possible intimidation, he believes it can work if workers are also given the right to throw out ineffective unions.

Grabel on Lift of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Ban

Laura Grabel, the Lauren B. Dachs Professor of Science and Society, professor of biology, discussed the implications as President Barack Obama is poised to lift the ban on research using human embryonic stem cells. Grabel is a renowned stem cell researcher and co-director of of the University of Connecticut Human Embryonic Stem Cell Core Facility, part of a $100 million human stem cell research initiative created by the State of Connecticut in 2006.