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Brown ’12 Discusses American Sign Language Classes

In a recent piece in The New York Times that reports on the rapid expansion of American Sign Language (ASL) classes in American universities and colleges, Emily Brown ’12 comments on her experience and enjoyment learning ASL. “I imagine myself painting pictures in the air,” Brown says. “It feels more poetic than other languages.”

Exhibit at Davison Art Center Lauded

‘Art and Appetite’ a new exhibit at Wesleyan’s Davison Art Center was enthusiastically reviewed in The New York Times recently. The review says that the exhibit goes beyond the “joy of looking at cooking” with many of the art works displayed are “less about food than is absence.” Artists featured include Roy Lichtenstein, Claes Oldenburg, Käthe Kollwitz, Walker Evans, Pieter van der Heyden, among others. The exhibit runs through Dec. 12.

Yohe: Better Climate Change Communications Needed

A recent New York Times piece reports the call by scientists, communications professionals and others for the creation of “a nonpartisan education service aimed at helping organizations and governments make informed decisions about climate change.” The article cites Gary Yohe, Huffington Foundation Professor of Economics and Environmental Studies, who discusses the need for more focused communications to nonscientific audiences, including disseminating contrasting views without creating a “fog of uncertainty.”

Fowler: Negative Image of N.Y.C. in Poltical Ads Up

In a  The New York Times article, Erika Franklin Fowler, assistant professor of government, director of The Wesleyan Media Project, discussed the repetitive vilification of Wall Street, ‘New York City Bankers’ and even New York City in campaign ads for both Democrats and Republicans during this election season. The Wesleyan Media Project was also cited as a source for data on these ads.

In separate stories in USA Today and for The Associated Press Fowler comments, respectively, on political advertising trends in Gubernatorial races nationwide, and on Linda McMahon’s extensive, self-financed campaign spending in Connecticut’s governor’s race in particular. The Wesleyan Media Project is also cited in both piece.

Fowler: China a New Campaign Ad Target

In a recent article appearing in The New York Times, Erika Franklin Fowler, assistant professor of government and director of The Wesleyan Media Project, comments on the newest target in campaign ads: China. 29 candidates for national office, Democrats and Republicans, have unveiled ads in the last week or so accusing their opponent of some connection to China. Fowler discusses why it may be happening, especially with such frequency.

Potter on the Tenure and Retirement Question

Writing for The New York Times, Claire Potter, professor of History, professor of American Studies, announces that she will retire from the classroom…in 2025. Potter goes on to say why she believes that, as a tenured professor, planned retirement allows her to leave academia before her skills begin to diminish while simultaneously creating a process that allows the continued infusion of new, younger teacher-scholars.

Odede ’12: Slum Tourism, a Personal View

Writing for The New York Times OpEd page, Kennedy Odede ’12, a resident Kibera, Kenya, the worst slum in Nairobi, discusses the phenomenon of people from developed countries treating slums as curious tourists destinations. Odede says that while some arrive hoping to better understand the conditions through first hand experience, for most it’s just a curiosity bordering on a bizarre form of entertainment, and then they move on.

Odede and Jessica Posner ’09 have co-founded Shining Hope for Communities, an organization that has built a school and health care center in Kibera over the last two years. They have been supported by a start-up grant from the Davis Projects for Peace, as well a grant from Newman’s Own Foundation, a Dell Innovation grant, and a 2010 Echoing Green Fellowship. Posner also was the winner of the 2010 VH-1 “Do Something” award.

Braxton Applauded in ‘Avant Gardist Tribute’

Anthony Braxton, professor of music, was honored in a two-day, benefit tribute in New York City with musical event titled “Tri-Centric Modeling: Past, Present and Future.” The event was lauded in a New York Times piece, which praised Braxton and his music and said the celebration “gathered a marvelous cohort of his protégés and peers, outlining something like a living index of contemporary improvised music.”