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Bowman, Norton Recipients of Peter Morgenstern-Clarren ’03 Prize

A university center cashier and an electrician are the co-recipients of a new social justice employee award.

Wendy Norton, a cashier for Bon Appétit, received a Peter Morgenstern-Clarren '03 Prize.

Wendy Norton, a cashier for Bon Appétit, received a Peter Morgenstern-Clarren '03 Prize.

Wendy Norton, a cashier for Bon Appétit, and Ron Bowman, a journeyman electrician for Physical Plant – Facilities, are the 2009 Morgenstern-Clarren Social Justice Employee Prize winners. The award was created in memory of Peter Morgenstern-Clarren ’03 who pursued social justice while a student at Wesleyan.

The awards were announced April 1 by interim awards coordinator Marina Melendez, associate dean/class dean of 2010. Eligible employees included custodians, dining staff, grounds crew, and building maintenance staff.

Norton is celebrating her 10th year working at Wesleyan, nine of which she has been a cashier. She’s worked in WesShop and Summerfields, and currently tends the second-floor Marketplace inside Usdan University Center.

“I love being a cashier because I get to spend all day meeting with wonderful students,” she says. “I love getting to know them and their smiles and kind remarks keep me going all day.”

According to one nomination letter, Norton “is a mother to these students when they are so far away from home. She knows them by name, she hugs them if they need a hug. She asks how their day is going, or how their classes are. She makes every student that enters the Usdan dining area feel important.”

Another letter cited Norton’s love for the university. “Aside from the cafeteria crowd, Wendy has spent countless hours working special events all while representing Wesleyan’s high level of taste. Wendy is a valuable employee who speaks highly about Wesleyan University.”

Ronnie Bowman

Electrician Ronnie Bowman also received the employee prize.

Bowman began his career at Wesleyan in January 2000 after working as an electrician for 25 years.

“I always try to build a rapport with the students by talking with them about where they are from, their family, and their experience as students at the university,” Bowman says. “I enjoy the opportunity to learn about the diversities that make the students at Wesleyan so interesting.”

A staff member applauded Bowman’s flexibility above and beyond his job description.

“I have seen him on many occasions switch gears to support the needs of others,” the nomination letter says. “I have known him to become teary-eyed when telling me a story about a student who was hurting or in trouble – especially since in his role, the level of help he could offer was limited. He wants our world to be a better place and works hard each day to make a difference wherever he finds himself.”

Bowman, who also serves as the pastor of Seedtime and Harvest Ministries in Bloomfield, Conn., always leaves a card behind in every student room he services. They read “I am blessed to have served you today. Have a blessed day.”

“I really enjoy serving others. I am very grateful to be recognized for the Morgenstern-Claren Award and hope that my presence on the Wesleyan campus will continue to be a positive impact on others,” he says.

Morgenstern-Clarren’s activism included securing benefits for Wesleyan custodial staff, participating in the United Student and Labor Action Committee, and contributing his leadership to the campus chapter of Amnesty International. Peter’s parents, Dr. Hadley Morgenstern-Clarren and the honorable Pat Morgenstern-Clarren of Shaker Heights, Ohio, are sponsoring this award that honors their son’s activism for the public good.

Nominations for the award required an essay from a faculty, staff or student that explains how the selected employee is one who has contributed to student success and life at Wesleyan.

The recipients will receive a $1,500 award.

“Because this is the first year, the committee decided to split the financial gift between the recipients,” Melendez, associate dean/class dean of 2010. “The committee felt that both Ron and Wendy are very worthy of this honor.”

Anderson Becomes Associate Provost; Culotta Heads GLSP as Interim Director

Karen Anderson was promoted to associate provost on April 20. Anderson served as associate dean of Continuing Studies and director of the Graduate Liberal Studies Program since 2006, and has been at Wesleyan since 2002. She earned her MA and Ph.D from the University of Chicago, where she studied the history of religions, specializing in Hinduism and Sanskrit literature. Before coming to Wesleyan, she directed the annual conferences of the American Theological Library Association, and taught at DePaul University and the University of Chicago’s Graham School of General Studies. She has also taught four GLSP courses.

At the GLSP, Anderson has been responsible for developing the curriculum, recruiting faculty, managing student services, and incorporating new technologies. She has worked closely with faculty to enhance the curricular offerings and to revise the requirements for graduation.

“I am delighted that she will join the Academic Affairs staff in this important position, and I am very grateful to the many colleagues who participated in the interview process and provided invaluable feedback,” says Joe Bruno, vice president for Academic Affairs and provost.

Sheryl Culotta, who has been the GLSP’s associate director for academic services, became interim director of the Graduate Liberal Studies Program on April 20. Sheryl earned her BA degree from Colgate University and her JD from the University of California Hastings College of Law. She brings to Wesleyan three years of experience at Stanford University’s Master of Liberal Arts program, where she was assistant director. In her four years at Wesleyan, Culotta has been responsible for managing curricular logistics, student advising, the enrollment process, and all student policies and procedures. She is currently leading the process of improving the online enrollment system.

Kosloski Retires from Wesleyan May 15

Carol-Ann Kosloski, associate director of stewardship, is retiring from Wesleyan May 15. Kosloski built the scholarship donor stewardship program from the ground up—from matching students and donors to overseeing the appropriate stewardship for each donor. She is responsible for several plaques that recognize donors in Usdan University Center, the Center for Film Studies, Freeman Athletic Center and on the Scholarship Wall in North College. Kosloski has worked at Wesleyan almost 12 years.

Brian Nangle: Student Mentor, Supervisor in Residential Life

Brian Nangle is an area coordinator in Residential Life.

Brian Nangle is an area coordinator in Residential Life.

Q: Brian, you are an area coordinator in Residential Life. What housing areas do you oversee on campus?

A: I oversee the Senior Wood Frames, High and Low Rise, and the Washington Street Residence Halls.

Q: What does it mean to be an area coordinator?

A: In general, an area coordinator has an understanding of all that goes on in their residential area and is one bridge between the administration and the needs of the students. This includes the training and supervision of student staff, overseeing the programming that occurs within the area, as well as the adjudication of conduct violations.

Q: You also deal with student judicial issues? Can you cite a general example?

A: It’s different in all of our areas because we deal with different populations of students, but for my area which is generally upperclass students, I see a lot of noise violations and party violations (over 49 people in a house that is not holding a registered party). Occasionally I see students who are being charged with underage drinking as well as other violations of the Code of Non-Academic Conduct.

Jones to Retire from Wesleyan May 31

Barbara Jones, the Caleb T. Winchester University Librarian, will retire from Wesleyan effective May 31.

Jones came to Wesleyan from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2003. As the Caleb T. Winchester University Librarian, she has worked with students, faculty, Information Technology Services, and others to recreate library spaces and services, including the Olin Information Commons, Jakobson Periodical Reading Room, the Conservation Lab, and the renovated Science Library stacks and study areas. She has been a leader in the CTW library group, has helped make the consortium a model for collaboration among member libraries, and played an important role in securing Mellon Foundation grant to aid in the sharing of collections. By reaching out to work with others at Wesleyan and beyond, Jones has developed relationships that have proved essential in providing dynamic, innovative library services for Wesleyan students and faculty.

Jones has been a tireless advocate of intellectual freedom and privacy in the digital age. She has hosted workshops and presented papers on the subject in Africa, East Asia and Latin America. For her efforts, Jones was awarded the 2007 Robert B. Downs Intellectual Freedom Award by the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Tully to Become Interim University Librarian

Patricia Tully, who has been the associate university librarian since 2004, will become interim University Librarian on June 1. Tully earned her bachelor of arts in philosophy and graduated magna cum laude from Williams College; she earned her masters degree in library science from the University of Michigan. She brings a wealth of experience to her new position, having served in both public and academic libraries. Before coming to Wesleyan, Tully served as head of technical services at the Gettysburg College Musselman Library and at Harvard’s Hilles and Lamont Libraries

At Wesleyan, Tully has worked closely with staff within and outside the library to restructure the library’s budget, implement organizational and policy changes, and provide day-to-day logistical support for library operations and projects.

Fields ’03 Maintains Digital Repository of Photos, Logos


Jenny Fields '03, digital asset and project manager, color-corrects and edits university images.

Q: Jenny, in November 2008, you became Wesleyan’s first digital asset and project manager for University Communications. How would you describe this role?

A: I am in the process of setting up and maintaining a digital repository of photos, logos, and other digital collateral that is used in the University Communications Office, and other offices on campus. I’m also a photo editor, meaning that I respond to photo requests, do color correction, handle stock photography, and schedule photographers for events.

Q: If someone, say from the Office of Admission, needs a photograph of student activity for the department’s website, how would he or she go about getting an image?

A: A departmental request can take anywhere from an hour to a week, depending on how complicated the request is, and how many jobs are ahead of it. If the photo does not exist, then it has to be taken, which can be done, but not without setting up a shooting schedule.

Q: Does Wesleyan have a photo database? What is included in this database and who can access it?

A: Technically, the University has several photo databases. Some are open to the public, some only to those on campus, and some are for internal use only. The database that I administer is primarily for internal use, but the photos in it are seen in almost every publication and web page that our team produces.

Q: If an alumnus, faculty or staff member needs a photograph taken on campus, should he or she contact you directly?

Buden to Retire April 1

Judy Buden, assistant director of employee benefits, has announced her decision to retire after 27 years at Wesleyan. Her resignation will be effective April 1.

Wesleyan Faculty, Staff Celebrate Holiday Season

Wesleyan President Michael Roth plays piano while Gina Driscoll, associate director of development events; Nancy Meislahn, dean of admission and financial aid; Roth's wife Kari Weil, visiting professor of letters and faculty fellow; and Louise Brown, dean for academic advancement/dean for the Class of 2009, sing along. President Roth held a holiday party at his home for faculty and staff on Dec. 11.

Wesleyan President Michael Roth plays piano while Gina Driscoll, associate director of development events; Nancy Meislahn, dean of admission and financial aid; guest Shanda Reynelli; Roth's wife Kari Weil, visiting professor of letters and faculty fellow; and Louise Brown, dean for academic advancement/dean for the Class of 2009, sing along. President Roth held a holiday party at his home for faculty and staff on Dec. 11.

Ethnic Bake Sale Raises $1,200 for Food Pantry

Wesleyan hosted an international bake sale in the Usdan University Center Nov. 20 to benefit the Middlesex United Way.

Wesleyan hosted an Ethnic Bake Sale in the Usdan University Center Nov. 20 to benefit the Amazing Grace Food Pantry. Wesleyan raised $1,200 from the sale. (Photos by Intisar Abioto '09)

Swedish sweet bread, Greek jam cookies, Iranian walnut puffs and Irish soda bread were just a few tasty treats sold recently to benefit a local food pantry.

On Nov. 20, Wesleyan hosted an ethnic bake sale in the Usdan University Center. More than 70 bakers and volunteers contributed to the event, helping to raise almost $1,200 in two and a half hours. All proceeds were given directly to Middletown’s Amazing Grace Food Pantry.

Hundreds of baked goods were for sale.

Hundreds of baked goods were for sale.

“It was so wonderful to see the Wesleyan community come together as one and see what we could do for the community during these tough economic times,” says bake sale organizer Olga Bookas,

University Communication Changes for Bailey, Cooke, Fields

As part of the reorganization of the Office of University Communications, formerly the Office of Public Affairs, three staff members’ roles have changed to directly support the department’s mission and priorities.

Mark Bailey, formerly director of development communications, is now director of strategic communications. His responsibilities are for university brand and messaging; strategic initiatives to communicate Wesleyan advantages; and marketing communications integration across media.

Adrian Cooke, formerly web administrator, is now associate director of web technology. In this role, Cooke is the web technologist for University Communications and University Relations and principal contact for University Communications’ web initiatives. With Information Technology Services’ New Media Lab, he will develop and produce the core university website, as well as University Relations and alumni sites.

Jenny Fields ’03, formerly development communications coordinator, is now digital asset and project manager. She is the point of contact for procurement, stewardship, and delivery of university digital assets, including coordination with outside photographers and videographers for special project and event coverage.