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NEA Supports Breaking Ground Dance Series

Wesleyan’s Center for the Arts received a grant worth $20,000 from the National Endowment for the Arts. The funds will support the 2012-13 Breaking Ground Dance Series.

The NEA is supporting 863 organizations and individual writers across the country with grant funds. The CFA is the only dance presenter in Connecticut to receive support.

The Breaking Ground Dance Series at the Center for the Arts, now in its 12th season, features cutting-edge choreography, world-renowned companies, and companies pushing the boundaries of the art form. Upcoming performances this season include the Connecticut premiere of Connected (2011) by the Australian dance company Chunky Move on March 30-31, 2012. The work animates the physical connection between body and machine as dancers construct a kinetic sculpture designed by California-based artist Reuben Margolin. Past companies from the U.S. and abroad that have been featured on the Breaking Ground Dance Series include Bebe Miller Company, Ronald K. Brown/EVIDENCE, and Compagnie Marie Chouinard.

“Support from the National Endowment for the Arts has been central to our ability to fulfill our mission to become a vibrant center for dance in the State and to bring contemporary dance to audiences who might not otherwise be able to access it,” says Pamela Tatge, director of the Center for the Arts. “We are grateful for the vote of confidence that this grant implies.”

NSF Supports Novick’s Chemistry Research

Stewart Novick, professor of chemistry, received a grant worth $43,260 from the National Science Foundation. The award is shared with Professor Stephen Cooke of SUNY-Purchase and represents a new collaboration between Professors Cooke and Novick who now co-mentor graduate students and share sophisticated equipment (Fourier transform microwave spectrometers housed in Novick’s lab at Wesleyan). The collaboration, which goes beyond this one grant, involves investigating the structures and dynamics of a whole range of systems including large halogenated compounds and molecules involving actinide valence electrons in their chemical bonding.

NIH Supports Rose’s Nicotine Dependence Research

Jennifer Rose, research associate professor, received a grant worth $456,225 from the National Institutes of Health on Sept. 7. Rose will use the funds to support her study on “Integrative Analysis for Nicotine Dependence Symptoms in Novice Smokers” through July 2013.

“The goal of this project is to use integrative data analysis to pool three independent, national level data sets and to use newly developed statistical methods to evaluate DSM-IV nicotine dependence symptoms in recent onset smokers with varying levels of current smoking exposure,” she explains.

Rose also received a grant worth $9,935 (subcontracted with Miriam Hospital) from the NIH for a study titled “Exploring Patterns of Sexual Concurrency Among Urban African Americans” through June 2012.
This project aims to investigate whether rates of sexual concurrency (sexual partnerships that overlap in time) differ by race and gender among individuals attending an urban sexually transmitted infection (STI) clinic in Jackson, Mississippi and to explore whether concurrent sexual partnerships predict testing positive for HIV and other STIs.

NIH Supports Weir’s Research on Translation Initiation of Yeast

Michael Weir, director of the Hughes Program in the Life Sciences, professor of biology, received a grant worth $328,200 from the National Institutes of Health on Sept. 19. Weir will use the funds to support a study titled, “Proteomic Analysis of Translation Initiation of Yeast,” through August 2011.


Leidy Receives NIH Grant for Knot Theory Project

Constance Leidy, assistant professor of mathematics, received a grant for $130,436 from the National Science Foundation’s Division of Mathematics Science on Sept. 9. The grant will support a project titled “Non-commutative Techniques in Knot Theory” through August 2014.

Grabel Receives New Human Stem Cell Research Grant

Laura Grabel

Professor Laura Grabel has received a $750,000 grant from The State of Connecticut Stem Cell Research Advisory Committee for her study titled “Angiogenesis of Embryonic Stem Cell Derived Hippocampus Transplants.” It is her third grant from the Committee since Connecticut began its state-funded human stem cell research program in 2006, and second where she is the principal investigator (P.I); she was co-P.I. on the other.

Grabel, professor of biology and Lauren B. Dachs Professor of Science in Society, is also a co-director of Connecticut’s Human Embryonic Core Facility, a research center in Farmington, Conn. that houses some human stem cell research performed by scientists from Wesleyan, The University of Connecticut, and The University of Connecticut Health Center.

The new grant will fund a study that builds on previous research

NEFA Supports Curatorial Practice, Performance Scholarship

Pam Tatge, director of the Center for the Arts, received a $4,750 grant from the New England Foundation for the Arts. The grant, sourced from the NEFA’s Sam Miller Fearless Thinking in the Arts Fund, will support the Institute of Curatorial Practice and Performance (ICPP) Scholarship in 2011-12.

Mukerji Awarded REU Grant for Holliday Junctions Research

Ishita Mukerji, professor of molecular biology and biochemistry, and dean of the Natural Sciences and Mathematics division, received a grant for $6,750 from the National Sciences Foundation. The grant is part of the National Science Foundation’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates, which provides funding for faculty to work with an undergraduate student. The award is supporting research on “Structure and Function of Holliday Junctions Complexed with Proteins Probed by Flourescence and UV Raman Spectroscopic Methods.”

Atkins Memorial Trust Supports GSAC

The Green Street Arts Center received a grant for $3,000 from the Bank of America Thomas J. Atkins Memorial Trust Fund in 2011.  The one-year grant provided funding for scholarships to the afterschool arts and sciences program.

CFA Receives Support for “Chunky Move”

Wesleyan’s Center for the Arts received a grant worth $5,000 from the New England Foundation of the Arts on April 20, 2011. The grant supported the National Dance Project “Chunky Move” in 2012.

Liberty Bank Foundation Supports Etherington Scholarships

The Liberty Bank Foundation awarded Wesleyan a grant for $2,000 in support of the Etherington Scholarship Program on Oct. 29. Funding assists graduates of, or transfers from, any of the Connecticut community/technical colleges in meeting their educational costs at Wesleyan.

Long Foundation Supports Outreach Programs

Wesleyan’s Green Street Arts Center received a $2,000 grant from the George A. and Grace L. Long Foundation, Bank of America, N.A. and Alan S. Parker, co-trustees, to support the center’s outreach programs in Middletown.  The grant was awarded on Nov. 30.