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Potter Cited in “Sommers vs. Romulus” Debate

Claire Potter, professor of history, professor of American studies, is cited in the on-going discussion that has been churning for a few months in literary circles regarding American Enterprise Institute scholar Christina Hoff Sommers, a frequent critic of academic feminism, who believes, according to The New Yorker, that many feminist scholars are ” ‘impervious to reasoned criticism’ (she thinks they take things way too personally, and, consumed with effrontery, are unable to correct themselves).” This included Sommers’ critique of particular scholar’s assertion that abuse began with the fabled founder of Rome, Romulus and a massive digression on whether such a person ever existed. However, it is a quote by Potter that brings the discussion back to the cogent point, as well as reality.

Mencher ’12 Published in New York Times

An essay titled “Romance Crushed” by Marie Mencher ’12, a prospective Spanish major, was published in the July 20 edition of The New York Times.

“He left, I ran up to my room and put the Indigo Girls’ ‘Mystery’ on repeat for the next half-hour, and sobbed. I made awful, croaking, animal noises and screamed into my pillow, but running through my mind were these beautiful simple thoughts like, ‘We were so close.’

An extended excerpt of the essay is online here.

McAlister on What Revolution Sounds Like

Elizabeth McAlister, professor of religion, associate professor of African American studies, associate professor of American Studies, continues her participation in a round table on Haitian culture in The New Yorker, discussing the music of revolution in Haiti and why it is so important within the culture.

Wesleyan Hosts Astronomy Celebration

Extra-solar planets was the theme of StarConn, an all-day convention and astronomy celebration held at Wesleyan on June 4. The event was an outreach effort presented by the Astronomical Society of Greater Hartford with the help of the university. The event featured lectures and a two-hour observing session with the 20-inch Clark refractor at Wesleyan’s Van Vleck Observatory.

Seth Redfield, assistant professor of astronomy, was one of the speakers at the event. He is featured in a June 4 Meriden Record Journal article about StarConn. The article is online here.