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Students Perform a Series of 10-Minute Plays during Dramathon

(By Madi Mehta ’24)

The crowd of students, nestled on the Exley patio, buzzed in anticipation to awaiting the start of the Dramathon, a performance of student-created 10-minute plays based on the prompt “the unknown persists.”

The event, which took place on Nov. 7, is similar to MonoLogOn, which was performed last year on Zoom due to the pandemic.

Dramathon began when the music faded and the audience watched intently as the first set was built: a couple of chairs, a spattering of empty food containers, and assorted plastic bags. As the actors entered and positioned themselves, Exley disappeared and the crowd was enthralled by the world created by the people standing before them.

In this collection of plays, a college student battled the demons in her head, which had manifested as slimy monsters that ate her social security card and kept her from going to classes. An uptight food inspector tried to bust a lone grocery store in an end-of-the-world exclusion zone. An idealistic student got repeatedly shot down by a teacher at her high school.

Students were put into teams of a writer, director, and a few actors that collaborated over the course of eight weeks to produce plays based on the prompt.

Japanese Community Celebrates Spring with Cherry Blossom Festival

On April 17, Wesleyan’s Japanese community gathered outside the College of East Asian Studies to celebrate Ohanami, or “flower viewing.” In early spring, three sakura—or cherry blossom trees—are blooming near the Japanese Garden.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual gathering was restricted to current students studying Japanese and CEAS faculty members.

The cherry trees were donated in the mid-70s by Nobel Laureate Satoshi Omura, who received an honorary degree from Wesleyan in 1994.

“The cherry blossoms’ timing was perfect,” said event coordinator Naho Maruta, associate professor of the practice in East Asian Studies. “We had fallen cherry blossoms all over the ground, which made a beautiful cherry blossom carpet.”

Maruta said this year’s event was especially meaningful because it was canceled last year. Also, since Japanese classes are still taught online this semester, “some students and teachers finally met each other for the first time in person.”

Photos of the event are below:

cherry blossom

cherry blossom