Reeve Author of Poetry Collection

Book by Franklin D. Reeve

Franklin D. Reeve, professor emeritus of letters, is the author of The Puzzle Master and Other Poems, published by NYQ Books, August 2010.

“For nearly 50 years, [Reeve] has found in nature both a refuge from human imperfection and an exquisite rejoinder to it,” acccording to “Whether that imperfection be the war in Afghanistan, worsening economic inequality, or even the ridiculous pretense of a thoroughly professionalized poetry, Reeve makes of aesthetic perception a kind of subjunctive faith. With its elegant short lyrics and long dramatic poem, which reworks the Daedalus-Icarus myth by situating it on a Caribbean island and which serves as the text for a jazz opera, The Puzzle Master breaks new ground in the music of holistic response.”