Taraba Co-Edits Past or Portal

Past or Portal?

Past or Portal?

Suzy Taraba, director of Special Collections and Archives, is the co-editor of Past or Portal? Enhancing Undergraduate Learning through Special Collections and Archives, published by the Association of College and Research Libraries Insider, 2012.

In the age of ubiquitous access to information, library special collections and archives have received renewed attention through digitization projects designed to share collections with the world at large. Yet these materials also offer opportunities for student learning though direct engagement with rare or unique items. While special collections and archives have largely been used by advanced researchers and scholars, an increasing number of undergraduate courses are taking advantage of these materials as guides in the instructional process.

Through 47 detailed and compelling case studies, Past or Portal? explores a variety of successful instructional models featuring a wide range of engagement methods with special collections and archival materials.

The 336-page book is available for sale online.