Wesleyan Introduces Spin Bikeshare Program

Erica Wright, project assistant for Physical Plant–Facilities, tests a Spin bike as part of Wesleyan’s new bikeshare program. The bikes offer an accessible, affordable, and environmentally friendly form of personal mobility.

On April 12, Wesleyan launched a new bikeshare pilot program for the campus community. Spin, Wesleyan’s partnering company, has placed 100 orange dockless bikes at multiple locations throughout campus.

The Spin bikeshare program is used on 18 campuses and universities nationwide.

Anyone with a wesleyan.edu email can borrow a bike for 50 cents for 30 minutes or receive unlimited rides for $14 per month. All new users get two hours of free riding. Anyone without a wesleyan.edu email address can rent a bike for $1 for 30 minutes or $29 per month.

To get started, riders can download the app by searching “Spin Bikes” in the app store and signing up with an @wesleyan.edu email. Users must connect a credit/debit card to the app.

Once registered, a bike-borrower uses the app to locate a nearby bike and scans a QR code on the bike to unlock it. After riding, a borrower may drop off the bike at a bike rack and should make sure it is locked (via a metal pin that automatically fastens the back wheel to the frame.) The rental session ends when the rider locks the bike.

When parked, bikes should never block building doors, access ramps, railings, and campus roads and pathways. Wesleyan encourages bike-borrowers to park in, or near a bike rack, if possible.

“We hope that this program will allow more people to take advantage of the bikes, be it to get from one end of campus to the other when you are in a rush, or to take them out for a leisurely ride during the weekends,” said Jen Kleindienst, sustainability director. “We’re excited to bring bikeshare to Wesleyan and hope it will be a little easier to get around campus!”

To offer feedback about the program, email sustainability@wesleyan.edu.

Abigail Horst '19 tries a Spin bike.

Abigail Horst ’19 startles her friend while test-driving a Spin bike. All bikes are equipped with a bell.

Emma Porrazzo ’19 and Theo Simko ’19 were among 25 students to receive a free bike helmet for registering with Spin.

Katia Porter, executive assistant for investments, tries a Spin bike during the demo on April 12.

Katia Porter, executive assistant for investments, tests a Spin bike during the demo on April 12.

The bikeshare rental session ends when the bike is locked by the rider.

The bikeshare demo took place for two hours on the Huss Courtyard.