Carter ’88 on HBO, Sundance Channel

David LowMarch 25, 20093min
Majora Carter '88.
Majora Carter '88.

Majora Carter ’88 was featured in February on HBO’s The Black List: Volume 2, which focuses on the achievements of a variety of African Americans.

Carter discussed her work as an environmental activist. As founder and executive director of Sustainable South Bronx, she rallied an economically challenged community to create Hunt’s Point Riverside Park and began a program to train people in green jobs.

Carter now heads the Majora Carter Group, a green-economic development consulting film. She also hosts the NPR radio series The Promised Land and is a host for the Sundance Channel’s The Green, the network’s weekly prime-time destination devoted to environmental programming. The Green includes the series Eco Heroes, and Season 2 begins on April 21. Each of the 13 episodes in the series features an interview between Carter and an innovator who is fueling the Green Movement and has been an inspiration to Carter in both her life and work.

Carter speaks regularly around the country and in other parts of the world about environmental issues and creating green jobs. The New York Times recently noted her as a keynote speaker at February’s Power Shift 2009 in Washington, D.C., where activists gathered to push for federal action on global warming.

In early March, her first speaking engagement in Toronto at the University of Toronto was sold out. In an interview in Toronto’s Eye Weekly, Carter said: “What I want to do is create more opportunities for people to get less poor. That’s why we’re so focused on green jobs, why we’re so focused on the development of a healthy horticultural infrastructure that’s supported by the development of more green jobs and making sure that we’re getting those jobs to the people that need the work the most.”

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