Ulysse’s Article on Haiti Published in MS Magazine

Olivia DrakeFebruary 14, 20111min

Associate Professor Gina Ulysse is the author of “Rising From the Dust of Goudougoudou,” published in the Winter 2011 edition of MS Magazine.  The world has watched Haiti’s most vulnerable women survive quake, flood, cholera and homelessness in the last year— yet those women still feel invisible.

“A year after the quake, I can look at Haiti and only see doom. More public-health crises are inevitably on the way. NGOs remain a parallel state system that negates local authority and workers. There is still no concrete plan to permanently house the homeless,” she writes in the article.

Ulysse is associate professor of African American studies, associate professor of anthropology, associate professor of environmental studies, associate professor of feminist, gender and sexuality studies and a faculty fellow in the College of the Environment.