Sumarsam’s Essay Published in Indonesian Music, Islam Book

Olivia DrakeMay 24, 20111min

Sumarsam, University Professor of Music, is the author of the essay, “Past and Present Issues of Islam within the Central Javanese Gamelan and Wayang,” published in Divine Inspirations: Music and Islam in Indonesia by Oxford University Press, pages 45-79, in 2011.

According to the abstract: “Sumarsam’s contribution to the volume addresses Islam in the context and development of the Javanese gamelan and wayang kulit shadow play. The chapter uniquely combines the interpretation of primarily Javanese and European texts, the author’s personal experience as teacher, performer, and practitioner of gamelan and wayang kulit, and a assessment of the public attitudes of the two largest Islamic organizations, Muhammadiyah and Nadhlatul Ulama, towards the arts.”