Sumarsam Authors Paper on Javanese Gamelan

Olivia DrakeSeptember 15, 20111min

University Professor of Music Sumarsam is the author of a paper titled “Binary Division in Javanese Gamelan and Socio-Cosmological Order,” which was published in the Proceedings 1st Symposium Singapore: ICTM Study Group on Performing Arts of Southeast Asia. The abstract of the paper is online here.

According to the abstract, “The paper presented by Sumarsam exhibited a firm commitment to indepth musicological analysis of aspects of gamelan music, yet strongly connecting the music analysis to aspects of cultural studies, that is, the social and cosmological order of Javanese society.”

In addition, BBC quoted Sumarsam in their broadcasting on “A History of the World:”

And Voice of America mentions Wesleyan gamelan and Sumarsam in its TV’s program on the music of Lou Harrison: