Korda Authors Book on Working Women’s Role in Theatrical Production

Book by Natasha Korda

Natasha Korda, professor of English, professor of feminist, gender and sexuality studies, is the author of Labors Lost: Women’s Work and the Early Modern English Stage, published by the University of Pennsylvania Press in September 2011.

Labors Lost offers a fascinating and wide-ranging account of working women’s behind-the-scenes and hitherto unacknowledged contributions to theatrical production in Shakespeare’s time. Korda reveals that the purportedly all-male professional stage relied on the labor, wares, ingenuity, and capital of women of all stripes, including ordinary crafts- and tradeswomen who supplied costumes, props and comestibles; wealthy heiresses and widows who provided much-needed capital and credit; wives, daughters and widows of theater people who worked actively alongside their male kin; and immigrant women who fueled the fashion-driven stage with a range of newfangled skills and commodities.

Korda also is the co-editor of Working Subjects in Early Modern Europe, published by Ashgate Press in 2011.

In addition, Korda received a one-month International Visiting Fellowship at Oxford Brookes University in the United Kingdom in 2012.