Malamut ’12 Published in Astronomy Journals

David PesciNovember 2, 20113min
Craig Malamut ’12 helped photograph the Easter Island solar eclipse July 11 as a participant of the Williams College Eclipse Expedition. The composite image brings out the correlation of structures in the sun’s inner and outer corona.

Craig Malamut ’12 is the primary author of “High-Resolution Imaging of the 2010 Total Solar Eclipse at Easter Island,” which will be published in the Coronal Courant, an on-line journal for students maintained by the Solar Physics Division of the American Astronomical Society (AAS). The article describes some results from experiments done during the 2010 total solar eclipse, for which he traveled to Easter Island.

Malamut is also a co-author of  “Structure and Dynamics of the 2010 Jully 11 Eclipse White-Light Corona,” which was published by The Astrophysical Journal in its June 20 issue.

Malamut was supported by the Keck Northeast Astronomy Consortium’s REU program which is funded by the National Science Foundation through a grant to Wesleyan.

Craig Malamut '12

Read more about Malamut’s efforts photographing the eclipse in this Wesleyan Connection article.