Sumarsam one of 50 “Successful Indonesians”

Olivia DrakeMarch 26, 20121min

Sumarsam, the University Professor of Music, was named one of the 50 “successful” Indonesians in the United States by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in 2012.

In collaboration with the Indonesian Consulate General in the U.S., the Embassy is publishing a book titled Secret of My Success: 50 Prominent Indonesian[s] Share Their Lessons on Life and Remarkable Career[s]. Sumarsam will contribute a 3,000 word essay for the publication. The goal of the book is to inspire Indonesian communities in the U.S.

At Wesleyan, Sumarsam teaches Indonesia music and theater, focusing on the performance, history and theory of gamelan and wayang. He studies Islam in Indonesian performing arts. Sumarsam is a member of the Society for Ethnomusicology, Society for Asian Music, the International Council for Traditional Music and the Association for Asian Studies.