Wesleyan Joins Universities Offering Winter Courses

Kate CarlisleJanuary 2, 20142min
Jennifer Curran says 45 students have registered for classes during January break

A story by the Associated Press says that Wesleyan has joined a growing list of Connecticut universities and colleges offering for-credit courses during winter break. During the initial year, four classes are being offered, in foreign policy, data analysis, computer programming and the graphic novel. About 45 students have signed up, according to Jennifer Curran, the interim director for continuing studies.

Tom Dupont, 18, a  freshman from Cheshire, Conn., is taking the foreign policy course.  His class meets from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day with an hourlong break at noon.

“I’m trying to take advantage of every opportunity I have to get ahead,” he said. “I also want to get as many major credits as I can, and it will allow me to explore in depth something that I’m really, really interested in.”

Curran said that while some students, like Dupont, want to get ahead in their major, others just like the more leisurely pace of winter at Wesleyan, which allows for greater concentration on academics.

“They like the idea of smaller classes, a calmer campus where they can really focus on their classwork,” she said. “Students are usually involved in activities and performances and taking multiple classes. There is something so satisfying about delving into one single topic and focusing really hard.”