Sumarsam Speaks at Invited Conference in Thailand

Olivia DrakeJanuary 23, 20141min

Ethnomusicologist Sumarsam, University Professor of Music, delivered a paper titled, “Javanese Gamelan in a Changing World,” during the annual meeting of the Asian Pacific Society for Ethnomusicology (APSE), hosted by Mahasarakham University, Thailand Jan. 6-9.

He also chaired plenary sessions at the annual meeting.

The main objectives of the APSE are to preserve and safeguard the ancient and traditional music and music of ethnic groups, which are invaluable cultural heritage of the world. The APSE has held a conference every year since 1994. Many ethnomusicologists, scholars, and musicians from all over the world, who are interested in Asian Pacific cultures, particularly, traditional music and ethnomusicology have joined and participated in these APSE events.

Sumarsam also participated in a recent festival and conference on Indonesian performing arts at the Smithsonian. Read about this conference here.