Parents, Alumni in China Donate Masks to Wesleyan, Local Community

Olivia DrakeApril 13, 20203min
Thousands of face masks were mailed to Wesleyan this month from alumni and parents in China.

When Wesleyan parents and alumni in China learned how the coronavirus pandemic was affecting the Wesleyan community, dozens worked together to raise funds and send much-needed personal protective equipment (PPE) to campus.

To date, the Wesleyan Chinese Parent Committee, made up of more than 70 families, has already raised $29,000 to support Wesleyan’s Emergency Fund for Students, and combined, has donated more than 400 disposable gloves and 800 masks (N95 and surgical).

Approximately 500 masks are being used by staff from the Davison Health Center, Physical Plant, WesStation’s mailroom, the Information Technology Services Help Desk and Public Safety.

“The parent committee wanted to express their gratitude for all the hard work and great care Wesleyan has shown for students in such a short amount of time,” explained Zijia Guo, program manager for Wesleyan’s global initiatives. “They’re grateful for how we’re helping the many students who are remaining on campus.”

In addition, Sha Ye MA ’96 of Shanghai, China, donated a total of 10,040 surgical masks to Wesleyan. These masks have been distributed to Wesleyan and the Middletown community (specifically Middlesex Hospital).

“I had a wonderful experience at Wesleyan and always felt grateful for what I received,” he said. “Our country just pulled itself through COVID-19. As the virus hits the United States, the first and natural thing for me to think of is to support my alma mater.”

In February, a group of Wesleyan students and parents raised more than $23,000, which was used to purchase medical equipment for hospitals affected in the epicenter of the outbreak, Hubei province, China.