David PesciOctober 7, 20091min
Wesleyan students involved in The Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software (HFOSS) project have teamed with students from other institutions to create disaster management software for several volunteer agencies, including The American Red Cross, The Salvation Army and Catholic Charities USA. The free software provides a virtual emergency response center that these organizations can use immediately after a disaster to help manage aid and logistics. The Wesleyan HFOSS group, along with analogous groups from Trinity College and Connecticut College, also received part of an $1.3 million grant to create more software of this type. Wesleyan's HFOSS group is supervised by…

David PesciJuly 29, 20091min
Marie Mencher '12 and Lindsay Keys were both featured in the lastest Education Life issue of The New York Times. Mencher contributed to the "Your Story" section, which features short first person essays on elements of college life. Mencher's essay is titled "Romance Crushed." Keys was featured in a photo essay titled "College Life."