David LowDecember 16, 20089min
Books William Evans Jr. '40 Is a Figure in World War II Book A new book by Robert Mrazek, A Dawn Like Thunder (Little Brown, 2008), tells a little known story of 35 men in the almost forgotten U.S. Navy Torpedo Squadron Eight that helped change the course of history at the epic World War II battles of Midway and Guadalcanal. These men displayed acts of courage, loyalty, and sacrifice and went on to become the most highly decorated American naval air squadron of the war. Williams Evans Jr. ’40 was one of the heroes in the squadron, and his…

Olivia DrakeNovember 11, 20081min
Arion Blas ’11 learned about debt, derivatives, equity, money policy, banking and business management during Wesleyan's first-ever Management and Leadership Conference Oct. 24-28. Blas and 29 other Wesleyan students learned about management from experts and executives from top companies, organizations and institutions, while participating in skill-building through lectures, hands-on workshops, case studies, and one-on-one mentoring with top Wesleyan alumni and parents from a variety of career fields. (more…)

Olivia DrakeOctober 21, 20081min
Come Home!" was the theme of Wesleyan's Homecoming/Family Weekend (HCFW) Oct. 17-19. "I chose Come Home! as the theme for this event because I believe that Wesleyan is a family that grows stronger by engagement at regular gatherings such as Homecoming/Family Weekend," says Wesleyan President Michael Roth. "Many things in our lives change year to year, but we can always come back to Wesleyan and feel we belong." The event featured 21 WESeminars, several athletic events, campus tours, an all-college dinner, (more…)