The Wesleyan Connection: Campus Snapshot

Olivia DrakeApril 28, 20073min

BIOPHYSICS IN BALTIMORE: Thirteen Wesleyan students, faculty and alumni attended 2007 Biophysical Society 51st Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Md. March 3-7. Pictured from left, are Ishita Mukerji, associate professor and chair of the Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Department; Maiko Kondo ’07; and Wendy Barber-Armstrong, graduate student.

Kondo stands by her poster titled “Mechanism of Fiber Formation: Amyloid Beta Peptide (10-35)” The poster was co-authored by Barber-Armstrong and Mukerji. Kondo says she was able to speak to many scientists at the meeting who study similar topics.
Carlo Balane ’06 and Jason Wolfe, professor of biology, check out the exhibitions at the annual conference. Balane was presenting work he completed with Wolfe for his senior thesis as an undergrad.
Graduate student Siying Chen and Mukerji gather during a dinner, attended by all Wesleyan students, faculty and alumni during the conference.
In addition to the meeting, the Wesleyan group attended a national lecture, reception and dance party. All 13 Wesleyan attendees gather for dinner. Pictured on the left, front to back are: Sharyin Naomi Huang BA ’00, MA ’02; Mihaela-Rita Mihaelescu Ph.D ’01; Anne Baranger, former professor of chemistry; Wendy Barber-Armstrong; Maiko Kondo, Alicia Every, chemistry graduate student; and Jason Wolfe. Pictured on the right, from front to back are: Alina Britchi, chemistry graduate student; Bethany Kormos, chemistry post-doc; Mukerji Siying Chen; Yuegao Huang, chemistry graduate student and Carlo Balane. Not pictured is Congju Chen, a chemistry graduate student.