80 Students Elected to Phi Beta Kappa

Eighty Wesleyan University students were elected into the Gamma chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, the nation’s oldest academic honor society. They will be honored at a reception during Reunion & Commencement Weekend on May 24, 2008.

Election to the society is based on the fulfillment of eligibility requirements, including a grade point average of 90 or above and the satisfactory completion of general education requirements prior to commencement.

Phi Beta Kappa was founded in 1776, during the American Revolution. The organization’s Greek initials signify the motto, “Love of learning is the guide of life.” The students join the ninth oldest Phi Beta Kappa chapter in the United States—founded in 1845.

Sixteen seniors were elected to Phi Beta Kappa last fall. Because the fall election is more difficult to be considered and elected, these students will be individually recognized at the spring initiation on May 24.

The students and their majors are:

Lauren Victoria Alpert, Mathematics, Physics
Cedric Howshan Bien, East Asian Studies
Annalisa Grier Bolin, Archaeology, French Studies
Rebecca Lynn Ehrlich, Biology, Science in Society
James Joseph Feigenbaum, Economics, Mathematics
Malcolm Douglas Hill, II, English, Neuroscience and Behavior
Brieze Robinson Keeley, College of Social Studies
Hyun Hannah Nam, Psychology
Sharon Audrey Newman, Earth and Environmental Science, Psychology
Evan Kasper O’Loughlin, Biology
Luke Curran Olson, Biology, Neuroscience and Behavior
Grace Kessler Overbeke, English, Theater
Sarah Orleans Reed, History
Chenoa Noelle Inductivo Tanglao, French Studies, Mathematics-Economics
Holly Michelle Wood, Government, Sociology
Tianxiang Zhuo, Mathematics-Economics

Sixty-four students were elected in spring. The students and their majors are:

Genevieve Rose Angelson, Film Studies
Benjamin Wynn Ansfield, African American Studies
Adam David Baim, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Science in Society
Rachel Freyja Bedick, Psychology, Spanish Language and Literature
Erica Caren Belkin, History
Jonah Sampson Boyarin, Economics, Religion
Jonathan Marshall Boyer-Dry, Music
Rangga Perdana Budoyo, Astronomy, Physics
Pan-Yu Chen, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Joseph John DelSerra, East Asian Studies
Jesse Julian Farnham, Computer Science, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Edward Morgan Day Frank, English
Zachary Adam Koel Frosch, Neuroscience and Behavior, Psychology
Andrea Paige Gentile, Feminist, Gender and Sexuality, Psychology
Samantha Ariel Gottlieb, Economics, Mathematics
Abigail Moss Hinchcliff, Government, Philosophy
Allison Diana Hollinger, Archaeology
Aparna Lakshmi Iyer, Anthropology
Holly C. Jackson, English Spanish Language and Literature
Rachel Michelle Jacobson, Psychology
Kai Alexander Johnson, Government
Paul Vincent Johnson, Biology, Mathematics
Frances Hope Jones, Classics, History
Megan Elise Kasprzak, Biology, Science in Society
Nathan Asher Kaufman, Government, Music
Mark William Kelley, College of Social Studies, Philosophy
Joanna Asher Kenty, Classics
Julia Beth Kessler, Psychology
Alissa Warren Kimmell, American Studies Program
Alexander Anderson Kirst, East Asian Studies
Emma Anne Komlos- Hrobsky, English
Kaitlyn Rae-Marie Krauss, Psychology
Katherine Jane Letourneau, Biology, Science in Society
Michael Ian Litwack, American Studies Program
Tanya Simone Llewellyn, English
Emily Ragan Malkin, History
Jessica Welson Markowitz, Psychology
Daniel Simon Meyer, Art Studio, English
Jacob Benjamin Mirsky, Biology, Neuroscience and Behavior
Gim Seng Ng, Mathematics, Physics
Lee Brewster Norton, English
Stephanie Campbell O’Brien, Sociology
Khanh Thuy Phan, Economics
Katherine Elizabeth Poor, College of Social Studies, French Studies
Johanna Bard Richlin, College of Social Studies
Charlotte Elaine Riggs, Biology
Emma Lillian Rosenberg, English, French Studies
Emily Patterson Rowan, Science in Society
Sara Elizabeth Rowe, English, French Studies
Victoria Jeanne Russo, Government, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Michael Robert Sargen, Biology
Jordan A. L. Schmidt, Earth and Environmental Science
Rachel Melissa Schulman, Anthropology
Stephanie Rachel Schwartz, Government
Katrina Anne Smith-Mannschott, Physics
Alexandra Jane Steinlight, Government, History
Brett Douglas Tanning, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Neuroscience and Behavior
Emily Ambrose Wang, Russian
William Andrew Warner, Computer Science, Psychology
Matthew Joel Wauhkonen, English, Film Studies
Leah Gayle Weinberg, Music
Andrew Charles Wiltshire, Psychology
Roberta Wong, Economics, Mathematics
Alice Woodman-Russell, French Studies, Psychology