Redfield Awarded NASA, NSF Grants

Olivia DrakeMarch 25, 20091min
Seth Redfield, assistant professor of astronomy, has received funding from NASA for three research grants. From the Space Telescope Science Institute a grant of $138,639 for his research “A SNAPSHOT Survey of the Local Interstellar Medium: New NUV Observations of Stars with Archived FUV Observations”, and $50,766 for his research “Probing the Atomic & Molecular Inventory of the Beta-Pic Analog, the young, Edge-On Debris Disk of HD32297.” Both awards include new observations with the Hubble Space Telescope. From the JPL Spitzer Program $41,213 for his research of “Interactions of the Cold and Hot ISM: Imaging the Nearest Molecular Clouds in the Local Bubble.” This award includes new observations with the Spitzer Space Telescope.

Redfield also was recently awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) research grant of $316,789, titled “Comparative Exoplanetology: Ground-Based Observations of the Atmospheres of Transiting Exoplanets.” For this work, Redfield is collaborating with colleagues at the University of Texas at Austin.