Students Raise Awareness of Clean Energy

Olivia DrakeApril 21, 20102min
Wesleyan students are camping on Foss Hill to promote clean energy.

Student activists involved in Students for a Just and Stable Future were featured in an April 18 Middletown Press article titled “Wesleyan students raising awareness of clean energy, camping outside a week.”

The students want state leaders to work toward requiring that all electricity in the state comes from renewable sources such as solar or wind power by 2020. They are “rejecting the dirty electricity of their dorm rooms and are instead camping on Foss Hill.”

“What we want is that anytime you are in your house in Connecticut and you turn on a switch, all that electricity is coming from clean sources,” said Dan Levine ’11 in the article. “We’re making the statement that there are people in Connecticut who really care about clean energy.”

About a dozen students are sleeping outdoors in tents, which were mostly borrowed from Wesleyan’s Outing Club.