Admitted Students Experience All Things Wesleyan

Olivia DrakeApril 21, 20106min
Wesleyan’s Office of Admission hosted WesFest for all admitted students April 15-17 on campus. More than 500 students and their families attended the event to explore what Wesleyan has to offer. Pictured, admitted students enjoy a concert and barbecue in the West College Courtyard.

Admitted students had the opportunity to meet current Wesleyan students during “Student-to-Student Panels”. The student-only panel allowed admitted students to ask questions about academics, life and activities.
The Students of Color community and the Office of Admission hosted an outdoor luncheon for admitted students of color April 15 behind Russell House. Admitted students were seated at tables with faculty members from different disciplines. The Pre-Frosh Program for Admitted Students of Color is the longest running program for students of color at Wesleyan and now runs concurrently and collaboratively with WesFest.
Parents of admitted students participated in a “Parent-to-Parent Panel.” Parents of current Wesleyan students led interactive discussions. Greg Pyke, dean of admission, also introduced the parents to the Parent Programs staff at the meeting. (Photos by Olivia Bartlett Drake)
Rachel Merzel '12 and Ross Firestone '12, both members of the chemistry majors’ group, The Free Radicals, demonstrated some of their favorite chemical experiments to the admitted students in an event called “Stand Back! I’m Going to Try Science!” (Photo by Roslyn N. Carrier-Brault)
Wesleyan students hosted a Fashion Show to reveal their talents as models and designers. Admitted students were given front row seats. (Photo by Stefan Weinberger ’10)