Local Students Sample the Sciences at Wesleyan

Olivia DrakeJune 28, 20104min
Isaac Lichter-Marck '11 shows an eastern tiger swallowtail caterpillar to fifth grade students from Snow Elementary School on June 16. The Snow School students sampled the Wesleyan Sciences during a tour of Wesleyan’s biology, physics and scientific imaging departments.

Jeff Gilarde, director of scientific imaging, shows students a slice, or elemental map, of a Martian meteorite through a scanning electron microscope.
Snow School student Hailey Rzadca examines a plant stem through an upright fluorescent light microscope in the Scientific Imaging Lab.
Brian Stewart, associate professor of physics, demonstrates positive and negative charges by using static electricity tubes.
At left, Vacek Miglus, lab technician and curator of the Physics Department, uses a Tesla coil’s intense radiofrequency radiation to light three neon tubes. This makes electrons race back and forth in the tubes, which crash into the gas molecules. The molecules thus excited release their energy as visible radiation; hence the glow. Brian Stewart is pictured at right. (Photos by Olivia Drake)