Wesleyan Welcomes 70 International Students

Olivia DrakeSeptember 2, 20102min

[youtube width=”640″ height=”420″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9Rf3ZM8KGY&feature=channel[/youtube]

Seventy international students, including 11 Freeman Scholars, arrived on campus during the last week of August for International Student Orientation (ISO) for the Class of 2014.

A combination of information sessions, introductions and celebrations, ISO was held from Aug. 29-31, and allowed international students the opportunity to get acclimated with Wesleyan and its surroundings before they joined their fellow members of the Class of 2014 for New Student Orientation on Sept. 1.

The program is designed provide a comprehensive introduction to Wesleyan and help international students begin to build a foundation for their academic and co-curricular success. New students, including international, visiting, exchange, and transfer students, are introduced to the rigorous academic experience that awaits them through meetings with their faculty advisor as well as faculty lectures, discussions and skill-building workshops.

ISO also provided sessions that addressed health and medical insurance issues, cultural adaptation, weather adjustment, and liberal arts education. Addition informational sessions were provided about U.S. systems that many international students are not familiar with, or that are very different from those in their home countries.

The program was capped off with an honorary dinner for the students and their faculty advisors. More than 100 people attended the meal, which concluded with skits and group photos: