Prescott Discusses History of Pregnancy Prevention Research

Olivia DrakeOctober 13, 20102min
Heather Prescott, professor of history at Central Connecticut State University, lectured on "Co-Eds as Guinea Pigs: College Women and the History of Medical Research on Pregnancy Prevention" Oct. 4 in the Shapiro Creative Writing Center.

Prescott, a historian of women and medicine, spoke about her recently completed book on emergency contraceptive and the use of young women as research subjects.
Prior to Prescott’s presentation, Laura Stark, assistant professor of science in society, assistant professor of sociology, assistant professor of environmental studies, presented a new research study. The study looks at surveys on ethical practices in psychology taken by the American Psychological Association in the 1960s. Here, a transcript of a survey is presented to the crowd.
The talk, which was sponsored by the Center of the Study of Public Life, was attended by students, faculty and staff. (Photos by Emily Brackman '11)