NYU Professor Teaches Neuroscience Class about Memory Function (with VIDEO)

Olivia DrakeMay 4, 20113min
At right, Wendy Suzuki, a professor at New York University, taught an Intensati aerobics class to Wesleyan students on April 21 in the Freeman Athletic Center. Suzuki studies memory and the hippocampus, and has a particular interest in how exercise improves memory function.

Suzuki explained how exercise improves hippocampal function prior to the workout. "I started going to the gym when I was writing a grant, and I noticed, that when I went to to the gym, my grant writing got significantly better. Does anyone notice that your writing get better when you exercise," she asked the students.
She also was the guest speaker for a NSB 360: Senior Capstone Experience in Neuroscience and Behavior class, taught by Jan Naegele, professor of neuroscience and behavior, professor of biology. (Photos by Brian Katten, sports information director)

Below is a video clip of the Intensati workout on April 21:
[quicktime width=”640″ height=”480″]https://newsletter.blogs.wesleyan.edu/files/2011/04/neuroworkout.mp4[/quicktime]