E&ES Faculty, Students Tour Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico

Olivia DrakeMay 24, 20113min
At left, Phil Resor, assistant professor of earth and environmental sciences, walks to the Arecibo Observatory radio telescope in Puerto Rico. Resor and his students toured the observatory as part of the spring semester E&ES 398 Senior Seminar course.

Mike Nolan, the observatory director, led the Wesleyan group on a tour. Class of 2011 graduate Hayley Corson-Rikert’s grandfather helped design the facility while on the faculty at Cornell and helped arrange for the tour. The observatory is operated by the National Science Foundation and Cornell University.
Pictured is the radio transmitter/receiver portion of the telescope.  “We followed in the footsteps of James Bond out the catwalk and down to the receiver, but fortunately did not have to battle a megalomaniac bent on destroying the world while we were out there,” Resor says.