Women in Science Hosts Career Panel

Olivia DrakeDecember 2, 20114min
Wesleyan's Women in Science (WIS) group hosted a Women in Science Career Panel Nov. 10 in Woodhead Lounge. Panelists included women with careers in industry, academia and medicine. WIS is a student group composed of undergraduates, post-docs, staff and faculty dedicated to issues affecting women in science.

WIS welcomed four panelists including, at left, molecular biologist Michele Millham and Helen Treloar, assistant professor of neurosurgery at Yale University. Millham has worked in the pharmaceutical industry and has developed several successful assays used in metabolic disease and inflammation. She works in next-generation sequencing at Ion Torrent in the Research and Development group. Trelor is currently a member of the Program Committee for the Association of Chemoreception Sciences.
Panelist Sarah Edelman '09, a psychology major, is currently training in a Master of Counseling Program in New York University's Department of Applied Psychology.
Panelist Sharon Zelmanowitz, professor and section chief of civil engineering for the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, engages cadets in Coast Guard research and consulting work such as development of shipboard wastewater systems and evaluation/improvement of storm water systems. Zelmanowitz maintains an active relationship with local water and wastewater plants which has led to academically enriching, service-based class projects. (Photos by Charlotte Christopher '12)