Undergraduates Present Semester-Long Research at QAC Poster Session

Olivia DrakeDecember 19, 20117min
QAC 201 student Leonid Liu '14 presents his semester-long research during the Quantitative Analysis Center's Fall Poster Session Dec. 9. Liu's study was titled, "Are Unemployment Rates Higher in Democracies?" Liu and 97 other Wesleyan students in the class presented posters as their final exam.

Aubrey Hamilton '12 presented a study titled, "Executive and Congressional Partisan Dynamics and Major Topic of Executive Orders." The end-of-semester poster presentation provided an opportunity for students to share their work with each other and interact with outside experts.
Afi Tettey-Fio '13 presented a study titled, "The Association between Race, Gender and Weight Perception."
Ryan Graff '15 explains his research titled, "The Association between Adolescent Religiosity and Willingness to Engage in Risky Sexual Activities." More than 30 guests, who use and teach applied statistics, attended the event to speak with students and judge the posters.
Krysten Thomas '13 speaks to poster presentation guests Jay Potter about her study, "The Burden of Congress on the Power of the Pen." Potter recently worked for Renzulli Learning Systems as a researcher, author and editor, creating curriculum materials for grades 2–12.
Cassandra Garvin '14 researched the topic "Sexual Attraction Status and Depression by Level of Religiosity Among Adolescents" for the QAC 201 class.
Mateusz Burgunder '15 presented his poster titled, "The Association between Alcohol Consumption and Academic Achievement on Different Genders." Students in the class developed skills in several aspects of the research process including generating testable hypotheses based on existing data.
Shivani Kochhar '14 speaks to Rob Duncan '77 about her study, "Number of Resident Parents and Adolescent Academic Performance." Duncan is an associate professor of medicine at Tufts University. He has been a hospital epidemiologist and infectious disease doctor for about 20 years and has a particular interest in effective data visualization.
Esther Pak '13 presented her research titled, "The Association Between Parents’ Expectations and Adolescents’ Motivation for Education." (Photos by Olivia Drake)