2012 Summer Session includes Visual Storytelling, Psychological Disorders, International Security

Olivia DrakeJuly 9, 20129min
Wesleyan's Summer Session, held May 30 through June 29, offered 12 courses in the arts, sciences, English, film studies, government, psychology and quantitative analysis. Pictured is Jill Morawski, professor of psychology, teaching PSYCH 274, "Cultural and Historical Perspectives on Psychological Disorders."
Paul McCallion '15 and his peers learned about the historical and cultural studies of the naming and treatment of psychological disorders.
Paul McCallion '15 and his peers learned about the historical and cultural studies of the naming and treatment of psychological disorders.

Giulio Gallarotti, professor of government, tutor in the College of Social Studies, taught a course titled "Solving the World's Problems: Diplomacy and Decision-making in International Politics." This course allowed students to take part in diplomatic and decision-making exercises in the context of international political issues and problems.
John Kirn, professor of biology, chair and professor of neuroscience and behavior, taught the course "Comparative Animal Behavior." An introduction to the study of animal behavior, this course examined the factors that control the behavior of vertebrates and invertebrates within evolutionary, social and physiological contexts.
Doug Foyle, the Douglas J. and Midge Bowen Bennet Associate Professor of Government, taught the Summer Session course, "International Security in a Changing World." His class focused on international security and how this process affects our conceptions of international threats. Students considered the prospects for peace and conflict as well as several vexing issues such as terrorism, disease, nuclear proliferation, nationalism and ethnic conflict, economics, and environmental issues.
Charles "Chipper" Bounds '14, in front, Adam Burt '13 listen to Foyle's lecture.
Jennifer Rose, research professor of psychology, discusses a concept with Ryan Greenway '15. Rose taught the class "Applied Data Analysis," a course that prepares students to work in many different research labs across the university that collect empirical data.
Melody Oliphant '13 and Anthony Arias '14 work on their research in the "Applied Data Analysis" class.
At left, Scott Higgins, associate professor of film studies, taught "Visual Storytelling: Cinema According to Hollywood's Masters" and Stephen Collins, assistant professor of film studies, taught "Visual Storytelling: Screenwriting" during the Summer Session.
Patrick Newman '14 and Lane Harris '13 took the CHEM 198 class, "Forensics: The Science Behind CSI," taught by Andrea Roberts, visiting assistant professor of chemistry.
Gallarotti's class celebrates the last day of Summer Session!