A Convention Bounce, or an Ad Bounce?

Lauren RubensteinSeptember 13, 20122min
Wesleyan Media Project study: Obama's post-convention bounce could be attributable to ad spending

USA Today, and numerous other news outlets, reported on a new study by the Wesleyan Media Project, which found that Barack Obama and groups supporting him aired 40,000 ads during the two-week period of political conventions, compared with only 18,000 ads aired on behalf of Republican Mitt Romney. This lopsided ad buy could be the reason behind the post-convention bounce in the polls enjoyed by Obama, rather than the president’s performance at the convention.

Stories about the latest Wesleyan Media Project study also appeared in the New York Times, Reuters, Adweek, PoliticoABC News, BloombergThe Daily Beast, News Daily, CT Mirror and on NPR’s All Things Considered and NPR’s Morning Edition.