Burke Speaks on Turtles at Vertebrate Morphologist Symposium

Olivia DrakeJuly 29, 20131min
Ann Burke
Ann Burke

Ann Burke, professor of biology, spoke on “The origin and evolution of Turtles” during the 10th International Congress of Vertebrate Morphologlogy in Barcelona, Spain July 7- 12.

The International Congress of Vertebrate Morphology (ICVM) has emerged as the premier conference for scientists researching the morphology of vertebrate animals at all levels of organization. The Congresses are held typically every three years with the broad goal of providing an opportunity for interaction, integration, and interfacing.

Through a mixture of symposia, workshops, and open platform and poster sessions, everyone from senior scholars to students share ideas in an informal and genial setting.

More than 400 morphologists and vertebrate experts from 27 countries attended the meeting.