Kleinberg Edits Book on 21st Century Philosophy, Cultural Theory

Olivia DrakeDecember 6, 20131min
Book edited by Ethan Kleinberg
Book edited by Ethan Kleinberg.

Ethan Kleinberg, director of the Center for the Humanities, is the co-editor of Presence: Philosophy, History, and Cultural Theory for the Twenty-First Century, published by Cornell University Press  in November 2013. Kleinberg also is professor of history, professor of letters and executive editor of History and Theory.

In this book, Kleinberg and co-editor Ranjan Ghosh bring together an interdisciplinary group of contributors to explore the possibilities and limitations of presence from a variety of perspectives—history, sociology, literature, cultural theory, media studies, photography, memory and political theory. The book features critical engagements with the presence paradigm within intellectual history, literary criticism, and the philosophy of history. In three original case studies, presence illuminates the relationships among photography, the past, memory and the “other.”