SHOFCO Featured in Documentary on Paul Newman

Kate CarlisleDecember 16, 20131min
Odede '12, Posner '09 and Professor Rob Rosenthal are featured in a new documentary

Shining Hope for Communities, founded by Kennedy Odede ’12 and Jessica Posner ’09 is featured in a new documentary: Give It All Away: Newman’s Own Recipe for Success, a new CPTV Original program premiering Tuesday, December 17 at 8 p.m. on Connecticut Public Television (CPTV). The documentary, which looks at actor Paul Newman’s extraordinary record of philanthropy, interviews Professor of Sociology Rob Rosenthal as well as Odede and Posner.                                                                  

The e half-hour documentary chronicles the path of the Newman’s Own Foundation food company – the highly regarded brainchild of Paul Newman – as it has evolved and provided millions of dollars for a variety of charities .

SHOFCO is one of several nonprofits that have benefited from the generosity of Newman’s Own Foundation.