2.2 Percent Tuition Increase Pegged to Inflation

Bill HolderMarch 3, 20142min

At its meeting on March 1, Wesleyan’s Board of Trustees voted to increase tuition and residential comprehensive fees by 2.2 percent for the 2014–15 year, reflecting the second year of a new policy to link tuition increases to inflation.

The increase is based on the three-year national CPI average of June 30, 2013, the latest full fiscal year available. The Board adopted a three-year average in order to reduce year-to-year fluctuations in tuition increases.

“We’re committed to keeping Wesleyan affordable for all our students,” said President Michael Roth. “We’re holding down our tuition increases, ensuring that our students graduate not burdened by heavy debt, and providing a generous financial aid program.”

To keep Wesleyan affordable, the university meets the full demonstrated need of all admitted students who receive financial aid. Need-based support represents a commitment of about $51 million in the university’s budget next year. Wesleyan also has instituted an optional three-year degree program, saving families around $50,000 on their total tuition bill while retaining Wesleyan’s core academic experience.

Raising funds for additional scholarships is the top priority for Wesleyan’s $400 million fundraising campaign. To date, Wesleyan has raised $331 million toward that goal.

For the 2014-15 academic year, tuition will be $47,702 for all students. The residential comprehensive fee will be $13,226 for freshmen and sophomores, and $15,034 for juniors and seniors. Including the student activity fee, the total student charges will be $61,198 for freshmen and sophomores, and $63,006 for juniors and seniors.