Pinette, Brown, Lenten Honored with Cardinal Achievement Award


Lisa Pinette, library assistant V, was recently presented with a Cardinal Achievement Award for her work on the Signage Task Force, creating more than 200 new and color-coded signs installed in Olin Memorial Library and the Science Library.

Pinette coordinated a group effort to select sign styles that would allow for future changes as needed, solicited input from library staff, worked with University Communications on the design, and ensured that all signs were ADA compliant. Finally, she hired a company to manufacture and install the signs.

“The signs look great and provide wonderful consistency and clarity from floor to floor in the Library,” said Diane Klare, interim university librarian.

“Lisa has been indispensable in this project. Her work ethic, self-efficiency, and passion for organization all make her the ideal candidate for this award,” said EunJoo Lee, head of access services.

Sera Brown and Angela Lentini, animal care technicians, were recently presented with Cardinal Achievement Awards for their work assisting with the start-up of a psychology, neuroscience and behavior facility in Judd Hall. They went above and beyond the make the transition as smooth as possible for faculty, students and staff. They assisted with packing and transporting equipment from the facility in Shanklin/Hall-Atwater to Judd, and were effective in troubleshooting several obstacles, particularly a lack of storage space in the Judd Hall facility.

“I believe that the opening of the new research facility would not have been handled as seamlessly if it were not for Sera Brown and Angela Lentini. I could not think of a better way to recognize all their hard work and dedication than with the Cardinal Achievement Award” said Peter Shatos, supervisor, Animal Care Facility.