Wesleyan to Consider Undocumented/DACA Status Applicants as Domestic Students in Admission Process

Lauren RubensteinMay 3, 20163min

Wesleyan University announced that it will begin considering undocumented and DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) status applicants who have graduated from a U.S. high school as if they were U.S. citizens or permanent residents, beginning with the class entering in fall 2017. This policy change has important implications for admission and financial aid for these prospective students.

“Supporting these talented and deserving young people is the right thing to do, and is consistent with Wesleyan values and our commitment to equity and inclusion,” said Wesleyan President Michael Roth.  “Many of these students were brought to this country at a young age by their parents and have lived here most of their lives. They ought to have the same access to a high-quality college education as any other student from this country.”

“As part of the university’s overall focus on equity and inclusion, we’ll be working to provide support, as needed, to undocumented and DACA status students on campus,” he added.

DACA/undocumented students will be reviewed and admitted in the pool of domestic applicants, and should follow the same admission and financial aid application procedures as other applicants. No additional or special application will be necessary for either first-year or transfer students.

Wesleyan meets 100 percent of demonstrated need for all admitted students. Because DACA/undocumented students are ineligible for federal aid, Wesleyan will meet this demonstrated need with institutional financial aid, which may include need-based scholarship, campus employment and small loans.

In recent years, Wesleyan has received hundreds of applications from undocumented students and admitted several, but always in competition for limited funds designated for international students. Those who have enrolled at Wesleyan have often risen to leadership positions and had a positive impact on campus.

“We are delighted to throw the door open wider to welcome more of these bright and hardworking students who we know will thrive at Wesleyan,” said Dean of Admission and Financial Aid Nancy Hargrave Meislahn.

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