Students Share Quantitative Analysis Research at Poster Session

Olivia DrakeDecember 12, 20162min

On Dec. 9, more than 100 students participated in the Quantitative Analysis Center Research Poster Session in Beckham Hall. The poster session served as the students’ QAC 201 final exam. The event provides students with the opportunity to share the fruits of their work with others. Several Wesleyan faculty and alumni evaluated the students’ poster presentations.

Funded by the National Science Foundation, the QAC 201 course allows students to ask and answer questions about which they feel passionately. Students generate hypotheses based on existing data; conduct a literature review and evaluate the content of empirical research; prepare data for analysis; select and conduct descriptive and inferential statistical analyses; and present research findings to expert and novice audiences. By providing opportunities to learn one of four major statistical analysis software packages, and translate across them, this course aims to empower students to manage, analyze and interpret large data sets from a range of different disciplines.

Photos of the poster session are below: (Photos by Rebecca Goldfarb Terry ’19)