Retired Faculty Honored at Reception

Olivia DrakeMay 30, 20173min

Eleven faculty retired in 2016-17. In 2017: David Beveridge, the Joshua Boger University Professor of the Sciences and Mathematics, professor of chemistry; John Finn, professor of government; Albert Fry, the E.B. Nye Professor of Chemistry; Peter Patton, the Alan M. Dachs Professor of Science and Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences; Rex Pratt, the Beach Professor of Chemistry; Michael Roberts, the Robert Rich Professor of Latin and Professor of Classical Studies; Ruth Streigel Weissman, the Walter A. Crowell University Professor of the Social Sciences.

In 2016: Abraham Adzenyah, adjunct professor of music; Philip Bolton, professor of chemistry; Alex Dupuy, professor of sociology; and Mark Slobin, the Winslow-Kaplan Professor of Music.

The faculty, five of whom were present, were honored at a ceremony May 27 at the Wasch Center for Retired Faculty. Photos of the event are below: (Photos by Olivia Drake)


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