Chaplain Mehr-Muska Offers Strategies for Living with Peace and Preparedness

Olivia DrakeJune 10, 20194min

Tracy BookUniversity Chaplain Rev. Tracy Mehr-Muska is the author of a new book titled “Weathering the Storm: Simple Strategies for Being Peaceful and Prepared,” published by Wipf and Stock on April 19.

The book offers simple and proven strategies to develop resilience that will be of benefit to anyone who is yearning to feel more peaceful and prepared. Mehr-Muska draws upon wisdom from different spiritual and religious traditions and from secular scholarship.

“With enthusiasm and passion generated from personal experience, I present the reality that resilience is not inborn, but is instead a simple set of characteristics that can be cultivated,” Mehr-Muska said. “I detail these characteristics; invite readers to identify areas of strength and areas for growth; and provide concrete, proven strategies for building these critical resilience characteristics.”

A Coast Guard veteran, interfaith chaplain, and pastor, Mehr-Muska shares the stories of her own struggles with self-esteem, sexual assault, and miscarriage that inspired her to research resilience. Mehr-Muska brings these characteristics to life using inspirational secular and multifaith stories, as well as compelling scientific evidence. She ties each chapter together with uplifting stories of personal friends who bravely and gracefully overcame obstacles and embody each of these essential characteristics.

Rev. Tracy Mehr-Muska

Weathering the Storm also poses insightful questions for reflection and offers concrete strategies for implementation that can be used individually or in group contexts such as faith communities, families, and therapeutic relationships. Just as we practice fire drills before a fire happens, this book will help us be better equipped for the eventual storms of life so we can live with greater peace and preparedness.

Mehr-Muska is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church. She is a board certified chaplain with the Association of Professional Chaplains and has served as an interfaith chaplain in a psychiatric hospital, men’s prison, trauma hospital, and hospice. As Wesleyan University’s Protestant Chaplain, she provides one-on-one spiritual and emotional support to students of any or no faith background and develops programs and events to help students grow spiritually, emotionally, and psychosocially. As part of her doctoral research at Hartford Seminary, Rev. Mehr-Muska developed a curriculum for building resilience designed for interfaith audiences and currently leads interfaith retreats and workshops. Before entering Princeton Theological Seminary to pursue her call to ministry, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine and Environmental Sciences, served as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Coast Guard, and worked as a marine scientist in the private sector.