81 Students from the Class of 2020 Elected to Phi Beta Kappa

Olivia DrakeApril 13, 20203min
phi beta kappa
Wesleyan’s Gamma Chapter of the Phi Beta Kappa Society is the ninth oldest chapter in the country.

Eighty-one seniors have been elected into Wesleyan University’s Gamma Chapter of the Phi Beta Kappa Society during the 2020 spring semester.

They join 15 other seniors elected during the 2019 fall semester.

To be elected, a student must first have been nominated by the department of his or her major. The student also must have demonstrated curricular breadth by having met the General Education Expectations and must have achieved a GPA of 93 or above.

The emblem contains the three Greek letters “Phi,” “Beta,” and “Kappa,” which are the initials of the Greek motto, Philosophia Biou Kybernetes, or “the love of wisdom is the guide of life.”

The 2020 inductees include:

Kate Awalt-Conley, Inayah Bashir, Kiara Chanel Benn, Maya Bernstein-Schalet, Kisanet Bezabih, Julia Boland, Erica Buckingham, Jonathan Canfield, Chelsea Cantos, Jules Matthew Chabot, Edward Chapman, Ruth Chartoff, Yin-Tung Chen, Andrew Daggon, Lillian Davis, Lucy de Lotbiniere, Maya Roth Donovan, Sarafina Fabris-Green, Gabriella Feder, Stephen Ferruolo, Andrew Fleming, Luke Forsthoefel, Nathaniel Gillman, Naomi Glascock, and Julia Glassman.

Also Corynn Greene, Thomas Hanes, Anna Hector, Daniel Heimler, Carson Horky, Max Johnson, Saakshi Ajay Kakar, Zoe Kaplan, Ryan Keeth, Isaac Klimasmith, Fallon Konow, Pryor Krugman, Jake Yi Jie Kwang, Emily Leff, Lance Lepelstat, Maximo Lipman, Michaela Malin, Zheng Mao, Jessica Mason, Jeremy Mopsick, William Mueller, Kaira Muraoka-Robertson, Leah Ann Murphy, Nola Neri, Joshua Kwok Hei Ng, Sakiko Ohashi, Mitchell Patton, Polly Pierone, Margaret Polk, and Joshua Rabineau.

Also Hannah Ratner, Charlotte Rich, Pau Valor, Carina Rosenbach, Maggie Rothberg, Jesse Sandler, Nathan Shankman, Katherine Shewfelt, Rose Shuker-Haines, Rosalie (Rosie) Skovron, Samantha Smith, Alexandra Sobor, Eli Solomon, Hannah Sonnenberg, James Sullivan, Yu Kai Tan, Kaitlyn Thomas-Franz, Morgan Usen, Elizabeth Vann, Tess Vartanian, Nicholas Wells, Jaina Wollowitz, Francesca Woodbridge, Meihui Yang, Haoran (Harry) Zhang, and Qiyuan Zheng.

Of those elected, Andrew Daggon, Luke Forsthoefel, Kaira Muraoka-Robertson, Mitchell Patton, Rosie Skovron, Samantha Smith, Morgan Usen, Elizabeth Vann, and Qiyuan Zheng are student athletes.